Currahill Castle

Map Reference: S444353 (2444, 1353)

This is a Butler castle. It was originally a five-storey tower-house. Marks on the wall outside the entrance seem to indicate the former presence of a portcullis, yett or possibly drawbridge. There are also traces of a pit which may have been another defensive feature. The doorway leads to a lobby whiich is protected by a murder-hole which leads from the first floor. There is a vault above the ground floor room. To the left of the doorway the stairway rises to the upper levels. At the first floor there are remains of a fireplace. The corbels are present but the lintel is missing. This seems to be the only fireplace in the building. There is another vault over the third floor but the castle is not accessible above this vault because the spiral stairway is damaged. The top level is fragmentary. At the other levels there are mural passages which are accessible from the stairway. A latrine-chute exit can be seen at the rear wall. There are no traces of a bawn.

All the photos on this page are by John O'Meara, who also supplied the information.

View from NE View from NW showing bartizan fragment at roof level
View from SEwith remains of stairs and one corbel of a machicolation View from SW showing the entrance with possible channel for a yett
Entrance First floor above the vault
View from SE at second level looking down
Fireplace at first floor from above View of stairs from third level looking down
Looking up spiral stairs looking up spiral stairs

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