Dunnamaggan Cross

Map Reference: S482390 (2482, 1390)

This cross stands about 1.8m high. The shaft is 40cm wide and 20cm thick. The cross ia about 80cm wide at the ring. At the centre of the west face is a faint carving which may be a crucifixion.

At the base of the west face of the shaft is a carving of a figure which may be holding a staff or wand in the left hand and have the right hand raised in benediction.

In the centre of the east face is a flat boss and near the base of the shaft there is a figure which may be seated. It is possibly a Madonna and Child. There are carved figures on the north and south faces of the shaft.

There are no visible inscriptions which may give a date to this cross. However it is very similar in style to the cross at Cruicetown, Co Meath which was erected in 1688. The nearby church is ruinous and only the north wall is substantially represented. This has both round-headed and pointed doorways and several small slit windows.

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