Glashare Castle

Map Reference: S326708 (2326, 1708)

I have not had the opportunity to examine this castle closely. It appears to be at least five storeys high with some traces of crenellations. The castle is lit by many small defensive loops, including corner-loops and cross-shaped loops. There are several two-light windows and some larger window-gaps, particularly at the higher levels. The lack of light showing through the windows would suggest that there is at least one intact vault within the building. The castle seems to have been held for the Earls of Kildare until Elizabethan times when it passed unto Butler hands. They placed it in the care of the Graces of Foulkscourt. The general condition of the building would indicate that the tower-house was in use until modern times, although it is known that it was temporarily vacated in the 17th century.

The photos were taken in 2006

The following photos were taken in July 2010

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