Ballyshawnmore Castle, Gowran

Map Reference: S632530 (2632, 1530)

This is a Butler castle which was captured by the Cromwellians in 1650. It stands just to the south of Gowran but access is not possible. It appears to stand to full height but there are no crenellations. The doorway in the east wall is now blocked and it was protected by a machicolation, remains of which can been seen at roof level.

There is a latrine chute exit at the base of the south wall near the west corner and this was also protected by a machicolation. The north end of the castle rises above the level of the rest to form a turret running the full width of the building.

There is a fine mullioned and transomed window in the north wall. At the top floor there are some good two-light windows and there is a slopstone in the west wall.

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