Mullin's Corn Mill, Kells

Map Reference: S495436 (2495, 1436)

Historic records show that a mill was established on this site in 1204 by Geoffrey de Monte Marisco Fitzrobert, first Baron Fitzrobert. In 1782 the Mullins Family, who were descended from Hugenot stock, built the present mill, possibly incorporating fabric of the earlier mill. The flour mill is a four-bay three-storey building with several smaller projecting wings. It has a wooden stream wheel at the south which drives two pairs of stones. To the south of the main building is a two-bay two-storey building which was a flax mill. The corn mill was in use until 1948. It has now been restored and is in use as a heritage centre and mill museum. The stones are still in place and are capable of being worked. The flax mill was converted to residential use in the 1960s and is still sometimes used for that purpose today.

View of the wheel from south west

Sluice gate which controls the flow from the mill race to the wheel

View of the wheel from south east

The sluice gates which control the flow from the river to the mill race

Interior of the flour mill

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