Neigham Castle

Map Reference: S641510 (2641, 1510)

This castle is vaulted above the third storey. None of the building above the vault is accessible. The entrance is in the south. The outer doorway is missing and the inner doorway is fragmentary. It is protected by a very good murder-hole leading from the first floor. A stairway rises within the west wall to above first floor where there is a slopstone. There are chambers in the north and south walls at first floor level but access to these is not possible. The stairway then rises in the north wall to above the vault. It is protected by a small murder-hole just above second floor level. There may be a mural passage along the west wall above the second floor. The first floor is lit by some two-light windows and elsewhere there are some very fine defensive slits including a corner slit just below the vault. Externally the castle measures about 10m from north to south and slightly more from east to west.

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