Thomastown Church

Map Reference: S585419 (2585, 1419)

Thomas FitzAnthony founded a church here some time before 1229. It belonged to the Augustunian foundation at Inistioge. It was probably built in the 13th century as a nave and chancel church with north and south aisles. After the Reformation the nave was modified for Protestant use and much of the rest of the church was destroyed. In the early 19th century the present church was built on the site of the south aisle. The ruins today consist mainly of the north asle arcade, the west gable and a fragment of the crossing tower. The chancel has been reduced to foundation level.

The aisle arcade has five arches. The pillars are quatrefoil in plan with decorated capitals and there is a clerestory consisting of pairs of broad pointed lights.

There is a pointed west doorway in the gable.

The archway leading from the nave under the tower crossing is intact and within one of the supporting pillars is a spiral stairway.

Beside the other pillar is an Ogham stone with a lengthy inscription on three edges and across the top.

Near this is a greatly weathered effigy.

Within the remains of the chancel, and elsewhere, there are several stone cross-inscribed coffin-lids.

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