Tubbrid Upper Castle

Map Reference: S353624 (2353, 1624)

Tubbrid Castle stands to full height. The doorway in the south wall is protected by a machicolation at roof level and by a very good murder-hole. The castle is vaulted above the ground floor. A mural stairway rises to the right of the doorway and within the east wall to above the vault. The floor above the vault has two two-light windows, a single-light window and a fireplace. All the windows have good window-seats.

A passage in the east wall leads to a garderobe in the north-east corner. The stairway rises again in the south and east walls to above the second vault where the windows again have good seats and there is a fireplace. There is another garderobe in the north-east corner at this level. The stairway continues in the east wall to roof level where the allure is ragged and unprotected.

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