Cullahill Castle

Map reference: S356740 (2356, 1740)

The castle at Cullahill, in Galesquarter townland, was built by the MacGillapatricks in 1425. It was badly damaged by the Cromwellians in the middle of the 17th century. It is a tower-house rising to five storeys. Most of the northern portion, including the doorway, is missing. It is vaulted above the ground floor and has mural passages and chambers. A straight mural stairway rises to the upper levels. There are remains of mullioned windows at the higher floors of the castle.

There are remains of a murder-hole above the entrance of the castle leading from the first floor. The top room has three large window recesses one of which is partly blocked by an inserted chimney. The tower sits at the edge of a polygonal bawn. There is an inner defensive wall set close to the castle. This has two corner towers with small circular chambers.

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