Feenagh Megalithic Tombs

On the other side of the road from the churches is a megalithic tomb.(H106075)(2106, 3075). It appears to be a double court tomb. The W tomb seems to have one large chamber and the E tomb has two large chambers.

View of the West Tomb

The tombs and courts form a gallery about 14m long and they are set in a cairn about 20m long and 15m wide. In the W tomb the burial chamber is fairly intact apart from the roof and there are good traces of the forecourt.

View from the West

In the E tomb only the inner burial chamber is fairly intact. The outer chamber is represented by orthostats only on the south side, as is the court. There is a great deal of cairn material but the monument is overgrown with grass and nettles and the visible stones are not very high.

A short distance to the north of the village are the scant remains of another megalithic tomb (H108081)(2108, 3081). It has possibly one burial chamber with an alignment of four stones which may be a facade or possibly a kerb. Not enough remains to indicate the true nature of the monument.

A short distance further north is a very fine dolmen (H108082)(2108, 3082). The capstone rests on one portal stone and two back stones.

The second portal stone has been broken and its upper portion lies just outside the chamber. The capstone has also been broken and about half of it lies outside the chamber.

The intact portal stone is about 2m high and the back stones are about 1.5m high. There is at least one side stone. The capstone has a very fine crown of ivy.

Just to the west of the village is a large standing stone.

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