Parke's Castle, Kilmore

Map Reference: G782352 (1782, 3352)

When Captain Robert Parke acquired the tower-house of O'Rourke od Breifne in 1628 he demolished the old building but retained the gatehouse. He incorporated this into a rectangular three-storey building with mullioned windows and diamond-shaped chimneys.

It forms part of one side of a five-sided bawn with large round turrets at two corners. The entrance is through the ground floor of the original gatehouse.

The castle underwent extensive restoration in the late 20th century. Several of the smaller buildings, including a forge, have been restored.

Foundation of the tower-house

The foundation of the original tower-house may be seen in the middle of the courtyard.

Entrance to the sweathouse Interior of the sweathouse

Just outside the castle, near the SW corner beside the lake, is a sweathouse. This is one of many in the Leitrim area.

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