Tullyskeherny Court Tombs

Map Reference: G899370 (1899, 3370)

The total length of this monument could be 50m. There are two separate cairns. To the south there is a tomb with a gallery containing at least two large square chambers. One of these is almost completely filed with cairn material. At the south end of the cairn there are more structural stones visible suggesting a third burial chamber or possibly a court. A great deal of scattered cairn material makes interpretation difficult. About 5m to the north of this cairn is a much longer cairn. It contains multiple rectangular chambers, some of these are more or less intact apart from roofing stones while others are more fragmentary or covered with cairn material. At least six of these chambers can be seen and appear to radiate from a central spine. There are more structural stones at the N end of the cairn which may be further chambers or a court. The chambers are all constructed of limestone slabs many of which have natural perforations. A detailed survey has shown that the S tomb has a two-chambered gallery opening into a SW facing court. There is also a small, possibly subsidiary, chamber at the NW end of the cairn. In the N cairn there is a three-chambered gallery leading to a NE-facing court and six subsidiary chambers within the cairn.

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