Adare Castle

Map Reference: R469467 (1469, 1467)

Adare Castle is undergoing extensive renovation at the moment. It is now possible to see that it has a strong curtain wall with a large square gatehouse on the west side.

There is a D-shaped tower, also along the west wall, and lesser gateways in the north and east. The River Maigue protects the castle along the south side. Just outside the wall in the west and northwest is a substantial ditch. Within the wall, along the south edge, are two rectangular halls.

At the northwest corner, protected by an inner wall and another ditch, is a tall square keep. It stands to full height but a large section is missing.

The first mention of the castle was in 1226 and it was already ruinous by 1329. It was repaired but damaged again by 1376. It was besieged by the English in 1580 and rendered harmless in 1599.

Some images from the mid1980s, before the renovations.

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