Ballingarry Castle

Map Reference: R413361 (1413, 1361)

This is a Lacy castle about five storeys high. It is in quite good condition possibly because it was repaired and used as dwelling in the early 19th century. For a short while it was used as a barracks. The interior of the castle is not accessible and only part of the exterior can be closely examined. It is an L-shaped building with the outer corner being roughly at north-west.

There is a good squinch, leading from the second floor, at the inner angle.

In the north wall there is a blocked doorway with an ogee head.

This is such an unusual (possibly unique) feature of a tower-house that it may be a 19th century modification. High on the wall above this doorway is a two-light window with ogee heads and a missing mullion.

Beside it is a projecting stone with a possible mask.

In the west wall there is another pointed doorway about first floor level. This suggests that there was an attached building but there are no obvious gable-marks.

In the east wall of this wing of the castle there is a narrow round-headed doorway at ground-floor level.

View from east

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