Court Castle

Map Reference: R475527 (1475, 1527)

The only item of history known about this building is that it is a Desmond castle. It lies in the middle of a modern farmyard so permission should be sought to visit it. The castle occupies a strategic position beside the River Maigue.

The head of the arched entrance seems to be a rebuild but most of the original jambstones are in place. The ground floor contains one fireplace and one narrow arrow slit. The mural stairway rises to the left of the entrance. The main part of the first floor has collapsed although a passage which leads to a small arrow slit still survives on this floor. The crumbling stairway then leads to the second floor. This floor is covered in vegitation and contains little of interest. The castle is only three sroreys high.

View of the ground floor

View of the ground floor from the first floor

View of the overgrown second floor

View of the River Maigue from the castle

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