Croom Castle

Map Reference: R512408 (1512, 1408)

About the end of the 12th century a manor at Croom was granted to Gerald fitzMaurice by Hamo de Valognes. FitzMaurice was an ancestor of the Kildare Fitzgeralds. Dermot O’Donovan built a castle here before 1210. It was repaired in 1334. It had a circular bawn but the only definite ancient remnant is a ruined 15th century tower-house. This is one of several buildings enclosed by a strong wall. This wall has a good base-batter and incorporates a large house. The batter suggests that part of the wall may be ancient but the style of the house suggests 18th century rather than 15th century. Some of the crenellations may be 19th century.

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