Croom Mills

Map Reference: R512410 (1512, 1410)

The Earl of Kildare is said to have built the original mill at Croom in 1340. Four hundred years later Henry Lyons came to Vroom. He demolished the old mill and built the present one in 1788. The mill closed in 1927 but the water-wheel continued to operate until the early 1940s. The building has been recently restored to house a Heritage Centre and offices. It is a six-storey building. The ground floor is pierced by a round-headed archway which originally held the water-wheel.

The wheel is now on display in the mill yard. Just outside the door is a millstone and the lower stone of a rotary quern.

Just downstream from the mill is a sluice-gate which controlled the flow of water to another mill which was just on the downstream side of the bridge. This mill is now totally derelict but its water-wheel is still in position. This is a broad, metal stream-wheel.

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