Glenogra Castle

Map Reference: R591418 (1591, 1418)

Glenogra Castle has a large rectangular bawn with a gateway near the south-east corner. The springing of part of the archway is still visible.

There is also a good drawbar socket. The interior of the bawn is greatly overgrown and the western half was not explored.

There is the ruin of a gabled building in the south-east corner.

About half way along the east wall is a small rectangular projection. This contains a chamber which may be a garderobe.

At the north-east corner there is a large polygonal tower. This is very ruinous but may have been four storeys high.

It has a circular basement room with a vaulted ceiling and deep window recesses.

The north wall of the bawn is very ruinous.

There are some very large blocks of masonry which may be part of a recent collapse.

The castle in its original form had good rubble walls with very fine facing. Much of this facing has now been robbed-out, particularly at the lower courses.

The Fitton family held Glenogra Castle during the 16th and early 17th century but lost it during the Cromwellian Settlement of Limerick.

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