Knockainy Castle

Map Reference: R680358 (1680, 1358)

Knockainy Castle is a tower-house about four storeys high. Part of the top storey is missing. There are good defensive slits with larger windows at the higher levels. The original entrance is intact and there is a second entrance in the adjoining wall. The third floor ceiling is vaulted and there is a half vault at first floor level. A murder-hole just inside the entrance leads from first floor level and a spiral stairway in the corner leads to the higher levels. A mural passage skirts the top floor room on two sides leading from the stairway to a garderobe. There are a number of good defensive loops in this passage including two circular loops. The windows at the first floor have deep recesses and there may be a small chamber leading off one of them. There are corbels of a bartizan at one corner.This appears to be a Desmond castle. It was said to be a ruin in 1584.

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