King John's Castle, Limerick

Map Reference: R577577 (1577, 1577)

The castle was started about 1200 and completed by 1202. It was repaired several times in the 13th century and changed hands several times in the 14th century. In the 17th century it surrendered three times - to the Confederate Catholics in 1641, to the Parliamentary forces under Ireton in 1651 and to the Williamite forces in 1691.

It has a large gatehouse set in a five-sided curtain wall with three round corner towers. One of the sides is lapped by the waters of the Shannon.

The gatehouse has two D-shaped towers. On either side are deep defensive slits and the track for a portcullis is visible. One half of the curtain wall is missing and the area within the wall is occupied by an interpretative centre.

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