Grange Stone Circle, Lough Gur

Map Reference: R633405 (1633, 1405)

This large stone circle is composed of contiguous stones outside of which is a massive earthen bank about 10m wide. It is about 45m diameter. Some of the stones in the circle are huge boulders, the largest being about 2.5m high by 2m wide and 1m thick.

Excavation has shown that the chocking stones at the base of the larger stones had been covered by clay packed down to a depth of 60cm over the entire inner surface of the monument. Finds included a large amount Late Stone Age and Early Bronze Age Beaker pottery which littered the site and seemed to have been deliberately smashed. The stones at the entrance in the east are also very large and the entrance area is lined with stones and paved.

In the field beside the large circle is a much smaller stone circle (R633407), about 15m diameter with 15 stones.

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