Lough Gur Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: R633406 (1633, 1406)

The archaeological remains around the shore of Lough Gur include at least two stone circles, two castles, hut-sites, a wedge-tomb and several ringforts. The most accessible and spectacular is the large stone circle in Grange townland. The circle, which is about 45m diameter, is composed of large stones closely spaced or touching. It lines the inner face of an earthen bank which is about 10m wide. The entrance is on the east side and is flanked by two large boulders. A stone-lined passage goes through the bank. There is a smaller and less complete stone circle in the field beside it. Just to the south of the lake is a very fine wedge-tomb.

It has a small antechamber and a large burial chamber roofed by five lintels. There is good double walling on both sides. It is about 9m long by 3.5m wide at the front. The antechamber is about 1m square. The tomb faces east.

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