Rathmore Castle

Map Reference: R568414 (1568, 1414)

Turloch O Brien, King of Thomond, defeated the Norse at Rathmore in 1148. The castle is a late-15th century Desmond foundation. It was held by Irish and Spanish troops in 1579-80 but fell to Sir Nicholas Malby, Elizabethan Governor of Connaught, after the Battle of Monasteraenagh in April 1580. The castle is a five-storey tower-house, attached to a lower building, which is ruinous. It has many good defensive slits and mullioned and transomed windows higher up. The lower building has two storeys with a doorway leading from the tower to the roof. The ground floor of the tower is vaulted. The upper storeys may be reached by a mural stairway but, during my visit in 1985, they were not investigated.

The following photos were taken in July 2010.

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