Abbeylara Cistercian Abbey

Map Reference: N366796 (2366, 2796)

The abbey at Abbeylara was founded about 1210 by the Anglo-Norman lord, Richard de Tuit and colonised from St Mary's, Dublin, in 1214. All that remains of the abbey is the central tower and some adjacent walls.

The tower was remodelled in the 15th or 16th century when the transept arches were partly blocked in the N and S and a barrel vault erected over them.

A new spiral stair was erected at the SW corner rising to above the vault. Traces of the vault remain. After the Dissolution in 1540 most of the abbey was demolished.

The tower was preserved and may have been adapted as a fortified dwelling. There is a small carved figure high on the S wall. It is greatly weathered.

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