Royal Canal, Aghnaskea Bridge

Map Reference: N088705 (2088, 2705)

The Royal Canal, from Dublin to Richmond Harbour, was completed by 1817. It continued to show a profit during the next 30 years but increasing competition from the railways meant that by the end of the century passenger services had all but disappeared and freight tonnage was very low. Trade continued to decrease during the 20th century, with a brief recovery in the 1940s during the Emergency. The last boat passed through the canal in 1955 and it was closed to navigation in 1961.

The rebirth and refurbishment of the Irish canals has continued in recent years. At the time of writing (July 2007) the Royal Canal near Aghnaskea Bridge is without water. Work is in progress at the canal lock which gives an ideal opportunity to make a photographic study. There is a typical grouping of canal structures i.e. lock, bridge and lock-keeper’s house

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