Aghnaskeagh Megalithic Tombs

Map Reference: J076137 (3076, 3137)

The megalithic tombs at Aghnaskeagh are divided into two groups. To the north is an oval cairn, 17.5m long by 11m wide. Near the E edge of this is a portal tomb represented by portal stones each 2.7m high and a back stone standing 2m to the S. Excavation within the chamber area revealed pockets of cremated bone with some Neolithic and Bronze Age pot sherds and a blue glass bead.

Near the W side of the cairn there were six Bronze Age cists containing cremations and food vessels. There was some evidence of iron smelting in a furnace area immediately to the north of the cairn.

About 40m to the south of the cairn is another, 15m long by about 7m wide. It contains four small burial chambers. Two of these open to the E and two open to the W. Excavation finds included cremated bone, Neolithic pot sherds and flints, including two hollow scrapers.

The chambers are similar to the subsidiary chambers found in some court tombs and the finds suggest that this monument should be assigned to that category.

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