King John's Castle, Carlingford

Map Reference: J188120 (3188, 3120)

King John is supposed to have stayed in this castle for three days in 1210. It was probably built a few years earlier by Hugh de Lacy. The earliest part is the D-shaped curtain wall in the W. This had a rectangular gatehouse and a square SW flanking tower.

Portions of the N tower of the gatehouse still remain. The curtain wall is well provided with deep embrasures with narrow defensive slits. During the second half of the 13th century a large rectangular hall was added on the E side. This is three storeys high including the basement.

The castle stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the harbour. During the 19th century the Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway constructed a deep cutting on the landward side thereby enhancing the prominent position of the castle.

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