The Tholsel, Carlingford

Map Reference: J189118 (3189, 3118)

This small building stands at the SE edge of Carlingford. It was originally three storeys high but the top storey has been truncated and fitted with a modern slate roof. The ground floor is pierced by a barrel-vaulted archway. This occupies more than half the ground area. A small rectangular chamber, with a flat-arched entrance and a barrel-vaulted roof, occupies the remainder. The doorway is beneath an external stairway at the north corner. At the first floor level there is a large rectangular chamber with a garderobe near the east corner. This room is entered by a rectangular doorway leading from the external stairway. It is lit by four windows. The large window in the NW wall is a later insertion. The upper portion of the building has been rebuilt at the eastern side. An early window-head has been incorporated. The building is usually referred to as The Tholsel. It served as a meeting place for the town council. It was originally a gateway in the town wall. The defences enclosed a roughly rectangular area of about 8 hectares but the precise course of the wall is not known. Some fragments exist.

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