Donaghmore Souterrain

Map Reference: J011071 (3011, 3071)

This souterrain is easy to explore being more than 1m high throughout. All the passages are about 1m wide. The souterrain is entered at the north end of a passage about 17m long. At the south end there is a sharp turn to the east into a passage about 15m long running WSW. At the inner end another sharp turn leads to a third passage about 7m long running SSE. There are good ventilation shaft at the end walls of these three passages. About 4m along the third passage a gap in the roof lintels gives access to a fourth passage through a rising-hole creep.

This passage is about 4m long and runs SW at the upper level. Near its inner end is a drop-hole creep which leads to a fifth passage running in the same direction for about 20m.

It terminates near the centre of the inner passage which is set at right angles and is about 10m long. This inner passage is slightly wider and higher than the other passages. It has a good ventilation shaft opposite its entrance.

At a total length of about 70m this souterrain is probably the longest accessible souterrain in Co Louth.

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