Goldyng Tomb, Moneymore,Drogheda

Map Reference: O090754 (3090, 2754)

In the graveyard attached to St Peter's Church (CoI) is the dismantled tomb of Sir Edmond Goldyng. The fragments are mounted along the east wall of the graveyard. The tomb mensa has two effigies extending the complete length of the slab. These cadavers are shown as partially decomposed bodies with the principal bones displayed. They are male and female figures each enclosed in knotted shrouds which billow out to reveal the body. There is a lengthy inscription around the edge of the stone, with an additional inscription, of lesser quality, down the centre of the slab. The memorial probably dates from the first quarter of the 16th century. The other slabs which made up the tomb chest show the arms of Goldyng and three of his wives, Elizabeth Flemyng, Blanche Cruce and Johanne Fynglasse.

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