Millmount, Lagavooren,Drogheda

Map Reference: O090748 (3090, 2748)

On the high ground to the south of the River Boyne is a motte about 15m high with the remains of a D-shaped bailey at the west. Some scholars think that the Anglo-Normans may have taken an existing passage tomb mound and increased the height. However this has been partly suggested by the nearby passage tombs in the Boyne Valley and there is no evidence of a tomb within this mound. In the 15th century a windmill was erected on the motte and gave the name to the area.

At the beginning of the 19th century a barracks was erected in the area of the bailey and in 1810 a Martello tower was built on top of the mound. The tower was surrounded by a lower wall and the complete structure was nicknamed 'The Cup and Saucer'. The tower has now been rebuilt and re-roofed. One of the buildings in the barrack square now houses the Museum of the Old Drogheda Society.

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