Drumad Souterrain

Map Reference: J078155 (3078, 3155)

This little souterrain stands in Drumad Forest close to the N1. Recent works associated with the construction of the new dual carriageway means that the souterrain may no longer exist. The photographs were taken in 1982. The souterrain consists of a drystone passage 19m long, about 1.3m wide and up to 1.7m high. It curves gently from ENE to W. About 2m from the inner end the passage is slightly constricted and turns sharply SW before the height rapidly decreases. This may be due to the construction of the forest road and it is possible that the souterrain originally extended beyond this point. About 5m from the entrance a side passage runs northwards. The entrance to this passage is about 70cm wide, 1.1m high and 70cm long. The passage is about 3.8m long, 2.1m wide and 1.5m high. There is a good lintel at the entrance to the souterrain.

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