DNGR Station, Dundalk

Map Reference: J057076 (3057, 3076)

The Dundalk and Greenore Railway was founded in 1863 but there does not seem to have been much construction work before 1869. The name was changed to Dundalk, Newry and Greenore Railway in 1873, at which time the line from Dundalk to Greenore had been completed. The railway station at Quay Street, Dundalk was the Dundalk terminus of the DNGR and was probably not built before 1869. It is a three-bay single structure facing east. It is built mainly of red brick except for the south-west corner which is ashlar limestone.

At this corner there are two large arched openings on the south face and one large opening on the west face.

These form the entrance to the station and may originally have been an open arcade. The railway closed on December 31 1951.

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