Dundalk Windmill Tower

Map Reference: J057075 (3057, 3075)

Location: Visible from the eastern by-pass

This is an eight-storey windmill-tower, built about 1800. It is circular in plan and tapers towards the top. It is rubble stone built with some red brick at the window and door openings. These openings form vertical stacks at E and W. At the fourth floor level there is a series of holes in the outer wall which may indicate the former presence of a walkway. Access to this was by doorways in the E and N. The tower stands behind a high wall and is surrounded by other buildings. This makes it difficult to examine closely and access to the interior is not possible. Being possibly the tallest building in the area it acts as a local landmark. When you consider that the vertical arrangement of the window openings creates a weakness it the structure, it is remarkable that it has survived for 200 years, especially since it was probably derelict for a large portion of that time.

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