Mayne Church, Glebe East

Map Reference: O143849 (3143, 2849)

This is an undivided nave and chancel church built from uncoursed limestone rubble and greywacke. The west gable has the remains of a double bellcote with a double-splayed opening below it. The church has five windows and opposing north and south doorways at the west end of the nave. There was a two-light window with trefoil-ponted arches in the east gable but all the worked stone has now been removed. Such a window suggests a 13th century building but the bellcote and the doorways suggest a later date. It is thought that the window may have been taken from an earlier buiding.

There are many fine memorials in the graveyard dating from the early 19th century.

Two of them depict small skeletons. They date from 1802 and 1807.

Another was erected by Widow Conly of Weavershall in memory of her beloved husband James who departed June 1810 Aged 63 yrs. It depicts the crucified Christ but the cross in not yet in the upright position.

There is a memorial by the same artist in Termonfeckin graveyard. It depicts Simon of Cyrene assisting Jesus to carry the cross. Attached to the outside of the east gable of the church is a tall blue-slate slab. It has a lengthy inscription but it is crudely carved and difficult to read. Among the dates recorded on it are 1736 and 1742.

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