Haynestown Castle

Map Reference: J043024 (3043, 3024)

This small castle is unfortunately thickly covered with ivy and does not present an attractive appearance. It is a rectangular three-storey tower with large round flanking towers at each corner. These towers seem to have been built as N and S pairs. Each pair seems to abut the wall of the central block at the ground floor but are not bonded. There is complete bonding at the upper level. The tower pairs are connected at roof level by arches in the east and west walls.

The entrance is in the west wall near the SW tower and gives access to a small rectangular chamber which leads to a spiral stairway in the SE corner. There does not seem to be any access from this chamber to the larger chamber at ground floor which is vaulted. The only access to this larger chamber seems to be through a doorway in the east wall, which is now blocked. The spiral stairway rises to above the vault but the floor at the south end of the castle is missing. At this higher level there is a garderobe in the NW flanking tower and a trapdoor in the NE tower gives access to a small circular chamber at the lower level. There is a small chamber in the SW flanking tower but there is no indication of a chamber below this at the ground floor. Access to the upper level of the castle is not possible.

The castle is built of random rubble. All the entrances are now blocked and the ivy masks much of the rest of the architectural detail. However it is still possible to examine some of the smaller window openings.

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