Philipstown Church

Map Reference: N946993 (2946, 2993)

View of church from south-east

This small undivided nave-and-chancel church measures about 14m by 7m externally. It is built of uncoursed rubble. The western half is filled with earth, held in place by a modern cross-wall. The doorway in the south wall is made of punch-dressed limestone. The remaining evidence suggests that there was a simple lintel. To the east of the doorway is a round-headed window. The stone is also punch-dressed and there are some glazing-bar holes. On the inside, just to the east of the doorway, a good holy-water stoup with a carved human face. The style of finish on the dressed stones at the doorway and window indicates that the church was probably built in the 15th or 16th century. The memorials in the graveyard are mainly 19th and 20th century but there are many plain gravestones.

The south window Remnants of the south doorway

The holy-water stoup on the south wall Detail of the holy-water stoup

View of the graveyard on the north side of the church

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