Rockmarshall Court Tomb

Map Reference: J124080 (3124, 3080)

This monument has a gallery about 14m long with the remains of a broad court at the NE end. The north arm of the court has six orthostats which indicate that the court may have been about 3.5m deep. The monument stands just north of a field fence, the construction of which may have removed the south arm of the court.

The exact structure of the gallery is uncertain but there are at least four burial chambers. The two outer chambers are well represented and have good sidestones and jambs. They are both about 3m long by 2m wide. The other two chambers are less complete. Between the second and third chambers there is a gap about 70cm wide. This appears to divide the gallery into two distinct sections. However the presence of jambs in the second and third chambers would seem to indicate that it is a continuous structure. There is a considerable amount of cairn material.

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