Templetown Church

Map Reference: J211057 (3211, 3057)

This is a nave and chancel church measuring about 15m by 5m. It is built of roughly coursed limestone boulders, blocks and greywacke. The east gable is intact and has a central window with a cusped ogee head and a hood mould. The inner face of the window embrasure has a round arch constructed of dressed tufa stone. To the south of this window was a second wndow which had a similar embrasure. This is now partly blocked and there is no worked stone remaining. There is a south dooway, constructed of punched-dressed limestone, with a semicircular arch and a drawbar socket. Almost opposite this was a north doorway but none of the worked stone remains. It may have been a wider doorway and possibly a later insertion. One of the windows in the south wall is constructed of roughly punch-dressed limestone. It has a narrow slit with a single stone used as a semicircular arch. About 5m from the east gable there are two beam holes in the north wall and two corbels projecting from the inner face of the south wall. These probably supported a wooden rood screen. Although the small window in the south wall suggests an early medieval date for the church, the punch-dressing on the windows and doorway indicates a 15th- or 16th-century date.

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