Ballylahan Castle

Map Reference: M275989 (1275, 2989)

Ballylahan Castle was built by the MacJordans in the 13th century. The main entrance was in the east and it was flanked by two circular towers, of which only one remains. They were built about 1260.

This entrance gives access to an irregular hexagonal bawn. There is evidence of buildings particularly against the western wall. There are grass-grown foundations of a polygonal building closer to the centre of the bawn. At the western edge of the bawn there may have been another gateway. There is a large archway in the wall, which is now partly blocked. It is flanked by buttresses on the outside.

This may have been a postern gate but the arch is rather lightweight and the gap is rather wide. This suggests that instead of it being a back door intended for clandestine use, that it may be a later insertion to give easier access to the interior of the bawn. The bawn has some good base-batter, particularly at the NW corner.

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