Brestagh Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: G183340 (1183, 3340)

Although there is not much left of this wedge tomb it is still an impressive sight. At the south edge and aligned approximately SW-NE is a line of six stones. This is probably the outer wall of the tomb. They diminish in height from SW to NE with the tallest being about 1.5m high and the smallest being 65cm high. A prostrate stone at the NE may have originally being part of the line. Two more stones lie about 2m further NE but it is not clear if they are part of the monument. About 3m north of the other end of the row is a stone about 60cm high which may be part of the facade. There are several other stones along the north edge of the monument but only two of them may be in their original position. There are no remains of the burial chamber.

The inner face of the south wall

The north outer wall with a possible facade stone in the foreground

View from the west end

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