Burriscarra Churches

Map Reference: M180764 (1180, 2764)

The lower of the two churches at Burriscarra occupies the site of a Carmelite Priory which was founded in 1298 by Adam de Staunton of Castlecarra. It has some 13th century niches but much of it was rebuilt in the 15th century when the present windows were inserted. The priory became Augustinian in 1413 and was burned in 1430. Indulgences were granted to people who visited the priory and gave alms for the repair of the church.

The rectangular church has a south aisle with a two-arch arcade. It has a small traceried east window and a piscina.

In the south wall of the choir is a piscina. Beside it is a trefoil-headed sedilia. The back wall of this is pierced by a small lancet.

There would have been a large east window but most of this is blocked with only a small inserted window, now damaged.

The cloister lies to the north of the church but there are no remains of a cloister arcade. A rectangular building encroaches on the SW corner of the cloister.


The upper church, in the graveyard, is a 14th century parish church. At the Dissolution of the Monasteries the priory had a quarter of land. In 1607 King James I granted the land to John King of Dublin who sold it to Oliver Bowen in 1608. The land was usurped by the Cromwellians but, after the Restoration, it was granted by Charles II to Sir Henry Lynch whose family held it until the 19th century.

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