Deel Castle, Castlegore

Map Reference: G180184 (1180, 3184)

This is a four-storey 16th century tower-house which belonged to the Bourkes. It was forfeited after the Williamite Wars and given to the Gore family. In the 18th century the Gores built a large house nearby which the named Castle Gore. This name was eventually applied to the old castle as well. The tower still stands to full height although the roof is missing. There are square bartizans at two adjacent corners. At some time, possibly in the 18th century, a three-storey annex was attached to the opposite wall. This was provided with a similar square bartizan at one of its free corners. It is not clear whether this new bartizan was a fully functional structure or simply a decorative architectural embellishment.

The following sketches of Deel Castle were mde by Ann Johnston in 1998.

Below is a reconstructive painting of Deel Castle by John O'Meara

Thank you John

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