Glebe Standing Stones

Map Reference: M162561 (1162, 2561)

This group of three standing stone about 1.25 to 1.5m high. Two of them form an east-west line with the third slightly to the south. This stone is split and the gap is filled with rubble. It forms part of a field boundary. The other stones stand free. These are almost cylindrical and about 1m diameter. They are about 4m apart and 3m from the third stone. Given the size of the spaces between the stones it is unlikely that they are the orthostats of a portal tomb.

It is possible that they are part of a much larger structure. On the old OS maps they are labelled as ‘Memorial Stones’. This area is known as Moytura (The Plain of the Battalions) where, about 3000 years ago, according to tradition, the great Battle of Moytura was fought. Many of the stone monuments are said to be relics of the great struggle.

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