Glenulra Court Tomb

Map Reference: G058402 (1058, 3402)

An arrangement of six stones seem to form a small chamber with jamb stones and a sill stone. A mound covered by peat runs westward from these stones.

On top of the mound about 1.3m from the stones is a displaced stone. This is about 1.7m wide and 25cm thick. Just to the north of this are three more partly concealed stones, which may be high-pitched corbels.

The partly concealed corbel stones

They are each about 1m wide and 25cm thick. Beneath them is another stone which may be a gallery side stone. There is definitely a cavity beneath these stones, detectable by probing.

View of the interior of the cavity

Excavation would be required to discover the true nature of this monument, but the presence of jamb stones, a sill stone and corbel stones suggests that it is a court tomb.

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