Macphilbin's Castle, Aille

Map Reference: M060818 (1060, 2818)

This castle sits on top of a steep mound which seems to be a natural outcrop. Flat land stretches for some distance around it. The building seems to consist of a small rectangular bawn with a tower in one corner.

At the east side, near the SE corner is a ragged gap in the bawn wall.

Although there is no worked stone this is undoubtedly the position of the gateway. It was protected by a machicolation, of which only a pair of corbels remain.

There are some fragments of a south wall and in the NW corner there is the ruin of a rectangular tower. There is a great deal of rubble scattered around and much of the ruin is overgrown.

After some research I hope that I have got the name and location of this castle correct. However I do not have any information about its history. The castle stands about 3km NE of Aghagower. If anyone has any information about it, please get in touch.

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