Rathfran Park Wedge Tomb

Map reference: G184333 (1184, 3333)

The wedge tomb has the remains of a gallery aligned E-W with outer walling on the north and south side, composed of very large stones, set about 1m from the sides of the gallery. The monument is about 3.5m wide at the west end and about 4m long. It is slightly narrower at the east end. The burial gallery is somewhat obscured by rubble but it is at least 3m long and 2m wide with the entrance in the west end where there are two low jamb-like stones. Two stones of the north side of the gallery remain, one of which is a split boulder with its flat face inwards. The south side of the gallery has three stones, all of which are less than 1m high. The north outer wall has four stones set close together ranging from 1.35m to 1.6m high. The four stones in the south outer wall range from 1.65m to 2m high.

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