Shrule Castle

Map Reference: M280527 (1280, 2527)

Shrule Castle is a strong tower, built originally in 1238, and occupied until the early 17th century. It was captured in 1570 by Sir Edward Fitton and a strong British force. However the De Burgos and the McDonnells came to the rescue of Burke of Shrule and managed to drive off the English army. The resultant fight was indecisive and Fitton was wounded. William Burke occupied the castle in 1574 and his son, John, in 1610. After that time the castle and lands were leased to Pierce Lynch of Galway.

The doorway in the east wall of the Castle has been robbed of all worked stone and there is now just a ragged gap. Some remains of the inner part of the doorway indicate that it was round-headed.

Most of the worked stone has been removed from the castle except for some of the windows at the top level.

The castle is a three-storey rectangular building which seems to have been lit throughout by large windows.

There is no sign of a vault. There are remains of a fireplace at the top floor in the north wall.

A double chimney-pot would indicate that there should be another fireplace at a lower level in this wall.

There is a small mural chamber at the first floor in the east wall and possibly two similar chambers in the corners of the west wall. There are traces of a mural stairway rising in the south and east walls from the first floor to the top level.

The castle has four square bartizans at the corners and a strong base batter.

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