Turin Castle

Map Reference: M275576 (1275, 2576)

I visited this castle in 1983. However the only record that I had were the three photos shown on this page.

I wrongly placed the castle in Cartron. When I returned in 2007 I found that the castle had been restored. The only recent photo that I have is this distant shot shown below.

However I now know that it is Turin Castle. I have since learnt that the castle was bought by Kevin Hurley, a stonemason, in 1997. He has restored it fully using traditional materials. Part of the restoration involved rebuilding part of the stone stairway using newly carved stones. The massive fireplace is a replica of a 15th century fireplace seen in Galway City Museum. As can be seen from the earlier and later photos most of the top floor needed to be completely replaced. The castle now looks like we would imagine a late-15th century tower-house to be. The interior has been completely modernised but with all the less-attractive trappings of modernisation (wiring, plumbing etc) well hidden.

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