Athcarne Castle

Map Reference: O031647 (3031, 2647)

This is a 16th century four-storey tower-house with a ruined 19th century house attached. A spiral stairway rises within a projecting turret in the NW corner to roof level. There are some roof weepers but all crenellations have been removed except at the SW corner.

The tower is vaulted abover the ground floor and there are some excellent wicker-marks in the vaulting. There are at least two rooms at each level and the walls of the upper rooms have had lath and plaster finish. The three-storey 19th century house is stone-faced and brick-lined. It has a S porch with crenellations. There are remains of a two-storey extension on the N side. There is a turret at the SW corner and an armorial plaque on the S wall. This house replaces a late-16th century house on the same site and incorporates some of the stone.

Interior of the tower-house

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